Budagáz Gas Appliance Service - at your service also at weekends, with free field-work!
Reparation of gas appliances: at a short notice, with free field-work and reasonable prices, also at the weekend

Should you have a problem with any kind of gas appliances (gas cooker, tile stove, gas heater, gas convector, gas furnace, water heater etc.) and you need a technician, call us and we are right there at your service.!

Our gas appliance service deals with the following:
- the check of gas appliances
- installation of gas appliances in accordance with the regulations
- putting gas appliances into operation
- gas appliance fixing and reparation
- complete heating system installation
- planning and construction of heating
- official check-up of gas appliances
- instrumental CO check and leakage check
- exchange of gas appliances with supply
- trading of gas appliances and spare parts
- gas appliance maintenance
We give you advice on how to operate your gas appliance and also draw your attention to potential dangers arising from the misuse of gas applainces.
Phone: 30/395-81-88
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