Use of gas appliance - dangers og gas appliance - prevention
It is really important to have your gas appliance checked yearly or at least once in two years. Deterioration, misuse or home reparation of gas appliances may be extremely dangerous.

Gas, mixed with air makes up an explosive compound, which may explode due to any kind of inflammatory effect. What is less known is the fact, that relatively little PB gas is enough to form an explosive compound. The so called lowest blast concentration is 5% with natural gas and 1,5% in case of PB gas.

The lasting inhalation of natural and PB gas causes hampered respiration or suffocation. To decrease the danger of explosion and prevent health problems, gas is artificially made smelly so that leaking gas could be recognized in time.

During the use of a gas appliance, not only the unburnt leaking gas may cause accidents but also the stack gas, that gets into the air due to improper stack gas diversion. The CO2 found in stack gas causes hampered respiration or suffocation and the inhalation of only a little amount of CO is fatal.

That's why it is important to check the gas appliance in case you smell typical stack gas. Recurring head ache might be a warning sign that your gas appliance needs to be checked or fixed.

Prevent accidents, have your gas appliance checked before the heating season for the safety of your family and neighbourhood.
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